O exótico e a moda brasileira [Brazilian fashion and the ‘exotic’]

by Maria Claudia Bonadio

ENGLISH. The construction of an exoticism associated with diverse elements of Brazilian cultural identities is a subject that has been widely investigated in several studies. Although much of what one sees and does in Brazilian fashion is characterized by images of exoticism, there has been little reflection on how it has become exotic. And yet, is this something that is just exotic to ‘others’ or also to Brazilians? Do Brazilians also understand themselves as such? In this article, I seek possible answers to these questions by outlining a brief history of the way the visual identity of Brazilian fashion has been created, by examining the role of the textile industry and cultural institutions (in particular the São Paulo Museum of Art) in the preparation of this visual understanding. FULL ARTICLEhttp://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/intellect/infs/2014/00000001/00000001/art00004.

PORTUGUESE. A construção do exotismo associado a diversos elementos de identidades culturais brasileiras é um assunto que tem sido amplamente investigado em diversos estudos. Apesar de sabermos que muito do que se vê e faz na nossa moda é caracterizado por imagens do exotismo, ainda são escassas as reflexões sobre como nossa moda se tornou exótica. E ainda, nossa moda é exótica apenas para os ‘outros’, ou ‘nós’ também nos entendemos com tal? Neste artigo, busco respostas possíveis para essas perguntas traçando um breve histórico que reflete sobre a constituição da identidade visual da moda brasileira e observando o papel da indústria têxtil e instituições culturais (em particular, o Museu de Arte de São Paulo), na elaboração dessa identidade. ARTIGO COMPLETOBonadio.


About Marco Pedroni

Ph.D. in Sociology and social research methodology. I am a Researcher in the Sociology of Culture at the Università e-Campus (Italy), Faculty of Psychology. I got the National Scientific Qualification as Associate Professor (disciplinary area: Sociology of culture and communication). Formerly I was a Research Fellow and an Adjunct Professor of Sociology of Culture at the University of Bergamo, an Adjunct Professor of Communication Theory and Sociology at the Politecnico of Milan, and a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Sociology of Culture at the Università Cattolica of Milan, where I am a collaborator of the Centre for the Study of Fashion and Cultural Production (ModaCult). I am currently working on the role of identity and storytelling in the social media, on the themes of sharing and the collaborative economy, and on the cultural industries such as fashion and gambling. I've taught as a Guest Lecturer for several courses and institutions, including the London College of Fashion, the Milano Fashion Institute, the Marangoni Institute, the Universidad of Sevilla, the Izmir University of Economics, and the Winchester School of Art. I am the Editorial Assistant of the International Journal of Fashion Studies published by Intellect Books. I am the author of Coolhunting (2010) and a co-editor of Moda e arte (Fashion and Art, 2012). My most recent book is From Production to Consumption: The Cultural Industry of Fashion (Interdisciplinary, 2013). The full list of my scientific articles is available on my Academia.edu profile.

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